WHM 11.32 (2012) reseller series

3. Becoming familiar with, and navigating around in WHM

Every hosting account created in WHM has it's own CPanel, an end user control panel

OK, let's take a look around.  In this center frame there are several icons we can click on

These correspond to headings in this left frame

Clicking on an icon will bring up sub-icons that correspond to all the tools available on the left

1) Click the Account Information icon here

Here are the 7 tools available to use under Account Information

To access any of these tools, you can click on the corresponding icon in this frame

You can also click on the link here in this menu frame. You could have also done this from the WHM home page

Scroll down here to see all the tools available in WHM

As you can see, there are dozens of tools available to you in WHM

Scroll back up

This is where you would get news from your reseller plan provider, if they use this feature in WHM

2) Click the News link

As you can see, there is no news displayed here

3) Click the Change Log link

This page shows detailed information of your version of WHM, and historical information about when it was updated and what changes were made

4) To logout of WHM, simply close your browser, or click this Logout link

This is the end of the tutorial. You should now be much more familiar with WHM, and how to navigate it's pages. For more information on how to perform specific tasks, please refer to our other demos