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Bundle and save with Portals web hosting packages

In order for you to have a website, you have to have a web host. A web host is the server that hosts you website, making it visible on the Internet. You also have to a have a domain name, which is the URL that people access to visit your website. While you can get a domain name and web host separately, it might be more beneficial for you to simply bundle them with a company like Portal Web Hosting.

Portal Web Hosting offers you a variety of web hosting packages to choose from designed to fit your specific website’s needs. The most basic plan is less than $4 a month and is ideal for personal websites and blogs. The moderate plan is less than $10 a month and is ample for running a scalable and secure website. The most advanced package is little over $20 a month and is ideal for the busiest of websites, as it comes with unlimited storage, domains, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, cPanel and free spam filtering.

Getting your domain name through the company that you decide to get web hosting packages with is advantageous because then you don’t have to mess with transferring your domain name to your web host’s server. Rather, it is already set up on the appropriate server, so you can get to designing your website right away or uploading one that you’ve already designed.

Portal Web Hosting is known for its quality service at an affordable cost. We offer 24/7 technical support and pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service. We do everything in our power to resolve your issues to your satisfaction and always put our customers first. We take the hassle of out of the web hosting process so that you can focus on your business. No matter how large or small the size of your web project is, we have a web hosting plan that can accommodate your needs. We are so confident that you’ll be pleased with our web hosting services that we offer you a free 14-day web hosting trial to try us out before you decide whether or not you want to invest in our web hosting packages.

Web hosting packages offered by Portal Web Hosting

Finding the right web hosting packages that suit your needs is an important part of finding the right web host. Portal Web Hosting offers a wide range of hosting services to meet the needs of any type of website. Whether you need intensive hosting with lots of space or just a basic hosting package, you can find what you need at Portal Web Hosting.


The Lite Hosting Package provides users with 4GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth for one domain name. This comes bundled with ten email accounts, free spam filtering and a huge range of scripts that are easy to install. This could be the best hosting plan for people who want to host small personal websites or blogs.


The Standard Hosting Package is more scalable for a larger range of websites and a larger number of domain names. You can host up to five domain names on this hosting plan and you get upgraded to unlimited email accounts. The Standard Hosting Plan also includes unlimited databases so you can use a wide range of applications that require databases on your servers.


The Premium Package provides you with an unlimited amount of everything. This means that you can host an unlimited number of domains with an unlimited number of email accounts. This could also be considered one of the best web hosting packages for enterprise because of its usefulness for larger businesses. Parent companies with many different divisions or businesses under them will often choose this form of hosting.

Putting it All Together

No matter how big your website is, there are web hosting packages to suit your needs at Portal Web Hosting. Larger companies with a huge range of domain names will need something more scalable than a small business or a personal blog will need. Thanks to the broad range of services that customers can get from Portal Web Hosting, there is no limit to what you can offer your website visitors. Whether you need a simple blog space or an intricate website that uses lots of databases, you can find it here.

What is domain hosting?

Domain hosting is more commonly referred to as “domain registration” by most hosting companies. The two terms often get confused with one another since hosting and domain registration are often handled by the same types of companies. While this confusion is reasonable, they are indeed two different things. When you want to get a website on the Internet, both of these things are very important to keep in mind. Since you need both of them to make your site visible to the world, you can’t discount the importance of either part of this process.

Domain hosting is the process of registering a domain name with a domain name provider. The domain name is the website address that people will type in to reach your website or the address they’ll be taken to when they search for you online. This is an important part of this process since your domain name directly influences what people think about your site. You want to keep it as short as possible so people can easily remember it and type it in.

When you get domain hosting, there are a few different options you have available to you right off the bat. First, you will generally be offered web hosting by the company you’re purchasing your domain name through. Most domain companies will offer a lower rate on the first year of hosting to get your interest, but you don’t need to purchase web hosting through the same company you get your name from. However, it’s generally recommended that you buy your domain name through the company you want your hosting from as a way to save money and time. Even if you don’t want to buy hosting from anyone, you can still buy your domain name and simply “park” it or direct it to another address.

In the end, this is a very simple process and the whole concept surrounding domain registration is very easy to comprehend. When you have access to the right information, this all becomes much easier to grasp. Hosting a domain name online is cheap and it’s very simple to get through.

How do domain and web hosting works

If you’re new to the world of web design and hosting, then you probably feel a little overwhelmed. After all, there is a lot to learn when you want to get going with your own website and it’s often a lot more than most people imagine. Once you get more involved with the process, you start to see just how complicated this whole process can be. Thankfully, there are some very simple answers to the questions you’re asking yourself regarding domain and web hosting. When you’re armed with the right information, this process is actually not very difficult to understand.

The first thing you need to know is the difference between domain and web hosting. Purchasing a domain name is the first thing you should do when you want to put a website together. The domain name is the address that people will type into their web browser to find your website. You don’t have to buy web hosting when you buy a domain since you can direct the domain name to another website if you’d like. However, it’s advisable to get hosting for your domain name purchase.

Web hosting services provide you with server space that hosts your website for you. Once your website is built, you can put it on the web host’s server and direct your domain name to that server. If you want to have a customized website on the Internet, you’ll need to pay for both domain and web hosting. These two things rely on each other for a website to function perfectly, but they are not the same thing. They are two different pieces of the puzzle when you need to host your site on the Internet.

As you can see, this process is far more simple to understand when you have the right information. Most people complain that the hardest part of learning this stuff is understanding the order in which these steps are taken. As long as you remember that the process starts with the domain name and ends with the right hosting plan, you’ll be well on your way to getting your site online in no time.

What is web hosting and when would you need it

Web hosting is a necessary service for anyone who wants to have a website that is visible to the world. This is one of the most important purchases that any company can make when it comes to developing a worthwhile marketing plan. Since you’ll never be able to bring your site online without hosting, it’s something that you should take seriously. Thankfully, there are some great options available to people who need a quality web host.

The process is very simple. You start off with a website that you’ve either built yourself or that you’ve had built by a professional web designer. After you have the site built, you need to make it visible to other people around the world. What this means is that getting hosting is the last step involved with making your site visible to the world. You start off with web design to actually create the website. Then you move on to hosting as a way to make that site visible. Without hosting, it’s more or less impossible for people to see your site because they won’t have access to it on the Internet.

The term “web hosting” really just relates to the fact that a company is “hosting” your website on one of their net-connected servers. These servers operate using complex server software that creates a file hierarchy that your website uses for different pages or to reference media. Without a server that is capable of doing these things, your site simply cannot be accessed. After all, your site is really nothing more than code that references specific files and folders in a defined hierarchy. If you don’t have the site loaded on hardware that allows this hierarchy to be utilized, then you may as well not have a site at all.

Navigating the world of web hosting and design can be difficult for people who have never dealt with it. While this is true, it’s also important to remember that it’s necessary if you want to be seen by potential clients. Thankfully, there are professionals ready and willing to walk you through this process.